Fusion Pasta

    • Fusion Pasta

    • California


      Sautéed seasonal vegetables and garlic tossed in tomato basil pesto or white wine cream sauce sprinkled with mozzarella cheese and served over fettuccine

      Add: Grilled chicken - $5.00
      Add: 5 prawns - $9.00
      Add: Anchovies - $3.00

    • Castroville


      Linguini, grilled chicken, artichoke hearts, baby spinach, garlic, sun dried tomatoes tossed in white wine creamy sauce

    • Fire Seafood


      Linguini, prawns, clams, mussels, shrimp, and salmon tossed in jalapeño cream or jalapeño tomato spicy sauce

    • Gilroy


      Spaghetti, extra virgin olive oil, sautéed garlic, panko crispy bread crumbs and red chili flakes

      Add: Grilled chicken - $5.00
      Add: 5 prawns - $9.00
      Add: Anchovies - $3.00

    • Salmon a la Diabla Mia


      Linguini, fresh tomatoes, green onion, white mushrooms, and garlic tossed in a habanero cream or a habanero tomato spicy sauce

    • Spicy Latino


      Sautéed blackened chicken, shrimp, bell peppers, onion, garlic, and cilantro tossed in spicy chipotle sauce served over fettuccine

    • Tequila Clams or Prawns


      Linguini, sautéed mixed bell peppers, onion, garlic, bacon bits, and pepperoncini tossed in tequila tomato sauce